Build Rapport. Close More Deals! Get More Referrals!

An awesome tool that creates and sends personalized video pages and animated emails.

77% of Professional Salespeople Increased & Even Doubled Their Sales Within 30 Days of Using NinjaGram. Watch the video to see how!

What is Ninja Gram?

Ninja Gram is an awesome tool that creates and sends personalized video landing pages that helps you close on sales up to 90% more effectively. Here’s how.

Send Personalized Videos

Customers don’t like pushy salespeople – or feeling like they’re being treated as just another customer. Personal videos help overcome these objections!

Instant, Custom Sales Pages

You can instantly create a customized, personalized sales page for each and every prospect – helping you stand out among the competition!

More Media Options Than Any Product

Using advanced technology, Ninja Gram allows you to upload videos from your phone or from YouTube. You can also access images, invoicing, documents, and anything else that you need to make a sale – all in one place!

Live Chat!

Live chat is a great way to let your customers communicate with you. Ninja Gram lets you talk directly to customers – on their own terms! This increases their comfort level, and makes them more likely to buy.

Live Notifications

Get real-time notifications when a customer views your page, or sends you a message!

Easy Team Management Tools

Ninja Gram provides powerful sales force management tools. With just a few clicks, you can share pre-written messages, media, and more with your entire team!

Who is Ninja Gram For?

  • Salespeople sick of cold calls – Old-fashioned sales strategies just don’t work.  Ditch the cold-calls, and start using Ninja Gram to gather prospects!
  • Small Businesses – No matter the size of your business, you can benefit from powerful, personalized sales services from Ninja Gram!

  • Anyone who wants to make more sales – Ninja Gram is an extremely powerful sales tool.  From automotive, to real estate, insurance, and many more, Ninja Gram can be used to attract more prospects, convert more leads, and make more sales.  

Get a Ninja Gram Now

Want to see a Ninja Gram for yourself? See one right now – whether you’re on your phone, tablet, or browsing the web on your PC!

Ninja Gram Works Perfectly – Across All Platforms!

Ninja Gram has been built to provide a perfect, 1:1 experience both on your phone and on the web – and regardless of the platform you’re using, it’s totally simple to use.

Hear From Our Satisfied Clients!

Still don’t believe in the power of Ninja Gram? Take a look at our list of satisfied clients!

Get Customers Interested In Your Business – Guaranteed!


Text Isn’t Enough

Let’s face it. Text-based emails just aren’t as effective as they used to be. But with Ninja Gram, you can record and send video-based messages quickly and effectively!


Manage Insights, Gain More Customers

Stand out and get the attention that your products deserve – and use our advanced marketing software to understand who is opening your ads, when they’re being played, and who’s interested in your products.


Save Time With Prospect Automation

You can easily create and re-use ready-made responses with Ninja Gram, and add pre-recorded videos to increase client interest!


Empower Your Sales Team With Video

Don’t just settle for text on a screen. With our face-to-face videos, you can distinguish yourself from the competition. This allows you to shorten your overall sales cycle, increase your revenue, and close more deals! So empower your sales team with video today. Start recording, sending, and tracking personalized video messages – and win more opportunities!

Ninja Gram Can Help You:


Improve Effectiveness Of Emails

Video helps you communicate more effectively in emails – and is more likely to catch the attention of your customers.


Shorten Sales Cycles

It takes quite a bit of time to build trust and rapport – but video-based messaging can help reduce sales cycles, and increase efficiency.


Increase Engagement/Response

81% of our users get more replies when using our system. Using our personalized videos, you can communicate more effectively, increasing response rates.


Quickly Share Branded Content

You can deploy custom-built email and video assets to your team as they’re needed – and we can even help you build custom email templates and designs!


Equip Your Sales Team

Ninja Gram can integrate with Salesforce, Gmail, and other popular apps – providing your team with a powerful, flexible tool.


Better Insights

Ninja Gram tracks all messages to see if they’re opened, whether the video is played, or if the link is clicked. This lets you track your team’s results easily, and prioritize hot leads and prospects.

Set Your Team Apart From The Rest

Humanize your communication. With our video messages and sales pages, your team can stand out, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Video Messages versus Traditional Messages

Why should you choose video messages versus traditional messages? The numbers don’t lie:

  • 90% of companies believe video helps them stay in touch more effectively.
  • 81% of salespeople get more replies on video messages
  • 56% of salespeople say that video messages aids in generating more referrals.

  • 38% of companies say that video has more than doubled their effectiveness.
  • 68% of salespeople say that video helps them get more leads.

So check out Ninja Gram today. See how you can revolutionize your sales strategy!